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Pirate Jive Freestyle Dance Events - Jiving Dancers

Our friends at Pirate Jive run lively, fun and friendly dance nights at a range of venues across the East Midlands. Offering a warm welcome to all dancers of any ability, these popular events are currently held in Nottingham, Derby and Peterborough.

What Is Freestyle Dance Music? At a Pirate Jive evening, expect to find a mixture of well known Latin, Smooth and Blues tracks along with contemporary and modern jive music. The description ‘Freestyle’ means just that – no rules, anything goes!

The venues provide plenty of room on the floor so that you can ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ and recent reviews have hailed Pirate Jive with comments such as ‘Music so good you just can’t sit down’ and the ‘Best Freestyle I’ve been to’.

If you’d like to give it a go, everyone is welcome, with the promise that you will meet plenty of other dancers and enjoy improving your freestyle dancing at any of the forthcoming Pirate Jive Events! Please See The Pirate Jive Website for more information.

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